Metal contaminant analysis

For the analyses, we have a laboratory of more than 190 m2 including a "clean room" (class 1000) of 24 m2 for the analysis of elements in the ultra-trace state, and a laboratory container that can be embarked on ships.

 The main laboratory equipment is listed below:

Mass spectrometry coupled with an inductive plasma (ICP-MS) at Triple Quadrupole (TQ) -ThermoFisher (Co-financed by the Pays de la Loire region and European funds FEDER 2014-2020)

High Sensitivity Total Mercury Analyzer- AMA-254 Altec (2014)

High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) System - U3000 ThermoFisher (2014)

Spectrophotometer – ThermoSpectronic

Total Mercury Analyzer - AMA-254 Altec (2001)

Dissolved mercury analyzer