PRIMO22 26-29 MAY 2024 NANTES

We are proud to organize the 22nd edition of #PRIMO in Nantes! (

It is one of the biggest scientific events specially dedicated to environmental issues dealing with aquatic chemical pollution and biological effects in various animal and plant, unicellular and pluricellular, organisms.

The symposium is opened to scientists (master and PhD students, post-doctorates, technicians, engineers, researchers) from academic, government, non-government (NGOs), and private institutions/organizations, and will concern the following scientific disciplines: ecotoxicology, environmental and evolutionary toxicology, analytical chemistry and biogeochemistry, marine biology.

It gives also a great opportunity to stakeholders involved in environmental protection, water management and chemicals legislation to be informed on the latest research conducted on the covered research fields!

It is still time to submit an abstract for one the proposed sessions:

  • Impact of climate change on the ecodynamics of legacy and emerging pollutants
  • Chemical exposome and non-target screening approaches
  • New tools to track pollutant sources and transfers
  • New approach methodologies (NAMs) to assess pollutant toxicity
  • Particles, fibres, plastics and their additives
  • Pollution by renewable marine energy technologies
  • Biotransformation pathways and mode of action (MoA) of chemical pollutants
  • Mixture effects of pollutants
  • AOP, System Biology approaches and other conceptual modeling tools 
  • Biomonitoring and development of integrative assessment approach
  • Aquaculture Environment interactions
  • Microorganisms as target and vector for chemical pollutants
  • Acclimation and adaptation to chemical stress
  • EDCs & Neuroendocrine Effects