JPI OCEAN (2019-2020)

Integrated assessment of new pollutants

Coordination Ifremer

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A. Mauffret (DCSMM)

Knowledge hub

JPI Ocean


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As an outcome of this information exchange, the JPI Oceans Knowledge Hub will generate a report presenting the currently most appropriate methodology(-ies) for integrated assessments of effects of new pollutants, taking account of the above rationale for a knowledge hub. Further an overview of relevant improvements and refinements of existing methodology(-ies) will be given. This includes also research found necessary for improved effect/hazard studies, monitoring and sampling on the level of new and emerging pollutants. It is anticipated that a set of political, economic and social dimensions will be included as the source and impact of pollutants are utterly linked with society. The report should provide specific recommendations on actions that can be initiated by JPI Oceans.


JPI Oceans intends to mobilise scientific critical mass to address this challenge, by:

  • Finding appropriate scientific critical evaluators for coordination work of the joint action;
  • Improving the exchange of ongoing activities on ecotoxicological research with monitoring institutions;
  • Building human and technical capacity in ecotoxicological research;
  • Providing a platform for dialogue among scientists to address the question of efficiency of possible integrated methods in view of their more widespread application;
  • Contribute so that the resulting scientific conclusions are used by environmental authorities, finally leading to adjustment of their monitoring activities.
Les partenaires

ILVO (Belgique), RBINS (Belgique), UBA (Allemagne), IOW (Allemagne), BSH (Allemagne), Aarhus University (Danemark), Estonian Environmental Research Centre (Estonie), IEO (Espagne), Ifremer (France), Cefas (UK), CNR (Italie), ISPRA (Italie), OGS (Italie), NIVA (Norvège)