SEAwise (2021-2025)

Coordination Ifremer

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 Durée du projet


Marie Savina-Rolland (HALGO-LTBH)


Horizon 2020 (BG-10: Fisheries in the full ecosystem context)


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SEAwise is a dynamic research programme aimed at understanding the current state-of-play of fisheries management across Europe, and facilitating the widespread implementation of Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management (EBFM) in the region. Through a targeted research programme, and in close collaboration with our stakeholder network, we will work to develop a fully operational, synthesised management advice tool that highlights the benefits – or potential trade-offs – of fisheries management decisions. To do this, SEAwise will work to identify and address the key challenges currently inhibiting EBFM.

Within this project and taking the European sea bass as an example, our specific objectives are: (1) to better understand the contamination of juvenile within the main nurseries of the Bay of Biscay; (2) to experimentally investigate the combined effects of exposure to chemicals and other environmental stressors on sea bass physiology. Ultimately, the results will help to forecast if, among environmental changes, contamination can have an impact on the welfare and productivity of fish stocks.

SEAwise research activities are closely linked to the C-BASS project.

Partenaires :

CCEM : C. Munschy, Y. Aminot, N. Bely
>20 Ifremer participants (HALGO, PFOM, HMMN, DYNECO, EM)

23 participants from EU countries, leadership DTU (Denmark)